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The list below is the table of contents for photo albums currently online.
Fireworks from Sam Houston Horse Track, Sponsored by Gallery Furniture.
Kemah Fireworks
July 4th, 2005 - Fireworks at the Kemah Boardwalk
Studio and Promotional
Old and new photos, some film, some digital.
Steve Caloudas - Artwork for New CD Release
Live and patio shots at Acadia and digital manipulation on indoor photos. Original indoor shots courtesy of Gina.
Steve Caloudas - Promo shots
For Steve's EPK, website and CD art.
Joe Lynn Turner at the Meridian in Houston
April 2006
Warrant at Sam's Concert Pub, Houston
March 2006
Dokken at the Engine Room in Aug '04 George Lynch at the old FBI Rocks location.
Belladonna, 4/25/08, Acadia Adrenaline Factor at Acadia and FBI Rocks #1
Adrenaline Factor at Acadia, 6/16/07
Adrenaline Factor, 6/7/08, FBI #2
Adrenaline Factor in Victoria, Tx. (with Skid Row)
L. A. Guns, 2/16/08, FBI #1 Lizzy Borden at Forgetaboutit, May 2006
Unchained (Van Halen Tribute) 11/10/07, at FBI #1
Unchained, 12/8/07, at Acadia
Unchained, NYE 2007, FBI #1
Unchained, 6/14/08, FBI #1
D. A. S.
Promo material.
From the Acadia show with Judith Priest.
Judith Priest
From the Acadia show with Aska.
Busted: 6/28/08 at Acadia , 19th Hole ,
FBI Rocks Aug '08, 11/7/08 MyBar,
3/21/09 at QBar
Bullet Boys at the Meridian.
Love n War at Bungalo 8
Love n War at FBI Rocks #1, April 6th
L. A. Guns at the Meridian, Houston 11/27/06
Broken Teeth at Acadia and Rudyards FBI Rocks #1 - 7/7/07 (C. C. Deville Afterparty)
Vains of Jenna
In Your Face
Lillian Axe at the Scout Bar, 10/6/07
Lillian Axe at Warehouse Live
Judith Priest - FBI Rocks - 5/3/08
No Quarter - Ford Amphitheater - 7/19/08 No Quarter - Rocbar - 7/13/08
Rock The Bayou - Aug. 28 (Press Preview) Rock The Bayou - Aug. 29 (Friday)
Rock the Bayou - Aug. 30 (Saturday)
Engulf at Numbers - 3/7/09 MetalKrew at Rock Wine & Blues in Humble
Engulf at Numbers - 3/7/09 MetalKrew at Rock Wine & Blues in Humble
BFE - July 14 2012
What's coming soon:
I've been updating the older galleries and will repost them when completed. Also adding alot of more recent photographs.
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